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Headset Mic

Headset Mic – A type of microphone that goes right on a person’s head, usually with a thin wire that goes over the ears placing the microphone right near the person’s mouth or cheek. These mics usually have better sound quality and are less prone to feedback than lavaliere mics. The disadvantage is that some performers and speakers may not be comfortable wearing them.Headset Mic

Front Fill

Front Fill – Speakers that are usually placed on the front of a stage facing the audience. Often time a large sound system is targeted towards people that are far away from the stage, which means that people right up front by the stage can’t hear as well. Front Fills help fill this gap in the sound.


Feedback (Ringing) – A loud ringing sound where sound from speakers are “fed back” into a microphone and amplified again and again. Feedback usually occurs when a person speaking is too far away from a microphone or speaks too softly, requiring the engineer to turn up the microphone more than it should be. Other causes of feedback are bad speaker placement, covering the microphone head, placing a microphone in a confined space (such as inside a podium cavity), and bad room acoustics.