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Digital Mixer

Digital Mixer – An audio mixer that converts all audio sources into digital code before mixing and adding effects. Tech-Head Note – Once signals are converted into digital code a whole host of options become available within the mixer, such as equalization, compression, sound effects, internal multi-track recording, and so on. Mixers that are analog (not digital) often must use lots of other gear to accomplish the same thing. Not all digital mixers are created equal! Some have more capabilities than others and some are better quality.Desk


Delay The amount of time it takes (measured in milliseconds) for sound to travel from a speaker to a specific place, usually where the audience sits. If there is a large audience area, sound will take longer to get to the back of the room than to the front.


Monitors – (Also called Stage Monitors) Speakers on stage specifically for people on stage to hear. Monitors can be simple or complex, depending on what is happening on stage, and can range from a singe monitor speaker for a presenter to several speakers with multiple “mixes” (see “Monitor Mix”) for bands and other performers. Complex monitoring will often require a dedicated audio technician (Monitor Engineer).