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SPL – Sound Pressure Level

SPL – Sound Pressure Level – A measure of how loud a sound is at a specific place (like your ears) and is measured in dB (decibels). The threshold of hearing is about 10dB. The threshold of pain is about 130dB. Conversational speech is normally around 70dB (depending on the person of course). Some facilities may actually have limits on SPL, such as outdoor areas.

Monitor Mix

Monitor Mix – A “Mix” of audio sources specifically adjusted for people on stage to hear what they need. There can be multiple stage monitors (or in-ears) each with their own mix (where each monitor has its own levels and processing). Often, bands and musicians require their own monitor mix, where the sound levels of different instruments and singers can be adjusted for what that performer needs to hear. Complex monitoring will often require a separate mixer (Monitor Mixer) and Monitor Engineer.