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Haze – A water-based fog used with lighting to make patterns and beams of light visible. The use of hazers and foggers will trigger smoke detectors in buildings, so the facility MUST be notified if haze or fog will be used. A solution (depending on local fire code) is that smoke detectors can be disabled if the client pays for someone (or a team) to observe the venue and manually activate fire alarms if needed.Haze

DMX Splitter/Opto Splitter

DMX Splitter/Opto Splitter – A device that takes the signal from one DMX cable and splits it into multiple outputs. Tech-Head note: Although most lighting instruments have a DMX input and a loop out to go to the next instrument, many lighting designers will only group so many instruments together that way. If there is a failure in a cable or light in the chain it can affect every light that is cabled together.

SPL – Sound Pressure Level

SPL – Sound Pressure Level – A measure of how loud a sound is at a specific place (like your ears) and is measured in dB (decibels). The threshold of hearing is about 10dB. The threshold of pain is about 130dB. Conversational speech is normally around 70dB (depending on the person of course). Some facilities may actually have limits on SPL, such as outdoor areas.