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Know You Know | Get Your Measuring Tape!

It amazes me, still, how often mistakes are made over the amount of space AV equipment needs for proper set-up. Often we walk into rooms where chairs and table go wall to wall and we’re expected to set up screens, projectors, lights, sound systems, and technical positions when there’s very little space to put it. Just as you shouldn’t book a room without being sure you can seat enough people, you need to take into account how much space you need for AV support.

AV Terms Every Event Planner Should Know

In the AV biz we tend to throw around a lot of terminology that we take for granted. As an event planner, you may or may not already be familiar with our AV lingo. So here’s some AV terms that every Event Planner should know. These terms can help you jive with your AV provider and, perhaps, even more groovy people.