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Travel Day Rate

Travel Day Rate – The rate charged for travel time of technicians, usually equal to half their day rate. If Technicians travel and work on the same day they will be paid for a full day, unless they work over 5 hours in which case the rate will be both a travel day rate AND a day rate. Travel day rates do not include air fare or per-diems.


Breaks – Most labor companies and unions have mandatory breaks such as meal breaks and 15 minute breaks. Break requirements vary by company and union, but generally laborers must be given at least a 15-minute break after every 2 hours of work and a 1-hour meal break after no more than 5 hours. Any time a laborer works past a required break will usually be charged at overtime rates until they get their break.

Day Rate for Labor

Day Rate for Labor – A full day pay for technicians, not including overtime. Technicians who travel are usually paid for a full day every day that are away from home. Day rates vary per company and technical position and are usually for a 10 hour day, after which overtime rates apply. Many companies are now going to an 8-hour day before overtime and many will charge overtime rates for any time worked between midnight and 6:00am regardless of how many hours a technician has worked up to that point.

AV Terms Every Event Planner Should Know

In the AV biz we tend to throw around a lot of terminology that we take for granted. As an event planner, you may or may not already be familiar with our AV lingo. So here’s some AV terms that every Event Planner should know. These terms can help you jive with your AV provider and, perhaps, even more groovy people.