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Sound, lights, visuals and scenic are the main ingredients to successful event productions.Event Production

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Initial Production Group (IPG) does it all, we have the gear and we have the very best techs to make everything work in harmony. Live events and meetings with general sessions demand seamless integration of all AV equipment. Event production is a lot more than simple gear and people to run it. Just like winning a NASCAR race is more than having a car and a driver’s license – event production is an intentional plan followed by expert production. IPG is here to make sure event planners and organizers have the very best tools in place to achieve their goals.

There are clients that want their event to be talked about all year long – and those client need IPG. There are some companies that buy some gear and try to undercut the pricing of other colleges to make a little extra money. It’s always possible to get a cheaper widget, but when quality matters – it is a simple decision… Initial Production Group. Let IPG make your event the one you have imagined it could be.

One of the difficulties that is at the core of combining quality production with the aesthetic character qualities of an event planner is that production is a technical business and planning is (many times) an intangible exercise. At IPG, we have a team of individuals to make your event what it is supposed to be. We speak geek and we speak designer. There may be multiple parties you have already set in place for your big event, but IPG is able to network with each of them to create the end result of your dreams. It’s time to take the step to Initial Production Group’s standard of excellence. There’s nothing that compares.

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