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Production Services

Lighting Services


IPG Lighting is used to illuminate, enhance, reinforce and visibly support the overall presentation. We enhance your event by using the right mix of traditional static lighting and intelligent moving instruments. The audience will be drawn into the event without being distracted by the lighting itself. The parts and accessories make the difference.

Decor and visual effects can be enhanced with light, but only when it is designed with technicians that know their gear, and understand the clients overall goals. From clean, even stage washes to rich vibrant colors, IPG Lighting can provide the technology for a mesmerizing light show or a simple stage presence. Our lighting designers will work with you to create a lighting package that will compliment your particular event and budget.

Audio Services

LOUDER is not better, it just louder . . .

Simply put, we deliver clear intelligible audio. Sound reinforcement enables each attendee to clearly hear people, music and other audio information from any seat within the venue. Whether your event has 200 or 10,000 attendees, inside a ballroom or outside at a park, our professional sound systems are world-renown for their clean, clear, crisp, sound reproduction.

Our team of experts will personally work with you to design a system based around the needs of your particular event. We provide the latest in digital audio mixing technology and IPG comes prepared with all the necessary processing gear; EQs, compressors, effects along with a wide range of microphones.

And remember… if you want it loud, we can get it loud!

Video Services


Cameras provide your audience the opportunity to see what they otherwise may not see, even if seated close to the stage. Multi-camera systems and large screen displays ensure that the entire audience, no matter how big or small, can see what is happening on stage. Our multi-sensory culture, presenters often use visual aids– such as graphics, video clips, etc. By utilizing broadcast quality equipment, our technical crew will provide the needed support for both live screen and recorded video.

At IPG we make sure that what you SEE looks great. How do we do that? Simply put, we come prepared. Our video systems are pre-wired with all the necessary equipment, accessories, and cabling to properly capture and display stunning images. But most importantly, our video staff understands video. Details such as stage lighting for cameras, color balance, video processing, and proper alignment of projectors are given the highest levels of attention.

Just a few of the services IPG Video can provide

  • Computer Graphics
  • Editing
  • I-Mag
  • Multicamera Systems
  • Playback and Recording
  • Projection & Display
  • Web-Casting

Stage and Set Design

Bringing the “wow” factor to your event means creating a focal point with your stage design. The options are endless and we’ve got the team to help you build a set that meets your budget and delivers your message. Keeping the audience excited and focused over several days is our specialty. If it can be imagined, IPG can transform it to work for your event. IPG sets the stage for dynamic general sessions.

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