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When the show MUST go on…IPG’s Rental and Sales team is here for you!

Do you need equipment for your next event? Do you need to buy some gear for a project you are working on? Does your venue need a little something extra? We offer an array of different products to fit all of your needs. We have some of the world’s top name brands in Lighting and beyond.

Not all client require a complete team to come in, outdoors soundboardhelp them figure out how to create the end result they’re looking for. There are some that have people on staff (or many times the venue provides the professionals) and what is needed most is the ability to rent and/or buy some consumables or equipment to fill in the gaps. When that’s the case – Initial Production Group is here for you.

Carrying the top brand names and the right quality instrumentation to ensure the success your participants are expecting; even when you’re in a pinch the first call you should make is IPG.

It is not always the annual event that can benefit from a extra piece or two of equipment. There are special occasions that every organization has that will benefit from renting a great piece of equipment. This “extra something” can be used to communicate that this event, party, meeting, or scheduled gathering is a little special. Give us a ring to see if there something IPG can bring to your table to help you cause your next special occasion to be stored in the memories everyone in attendance.

We have a complete line of equipment and supplies to “fill the gap” or really set your event up to succeed. Please feel free to contact us for the full list of available products and pricing.

IPG Rentals and Sales make the difference.

Scott Reagles

IPG has been involved with production for over 25 years. Our team experience ranges from theatre, performance to lighting, sound, and scenery. We have unique appreciation for how audio engineering and video production effect the business of Event Production. Whether you're a corporation, non-profit, local organization or hotel; the Audio Visual, AV Rental & Staging, AV Project Management, and Live Event Video and Graphics Production will set you apart as an event to be frequented by attenders and a venue to be remembered for organizers.

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