Audio Services


Simply put, IPG delivers clear, intelligible audio. We understand that every venue is different. We provide the appropriate speaker systems for the size and shape of a room, the correct microphones for everything from voices to musical instruments, and experienced audio engineers to make sure that the audience in the back of the room hears everything as well as those up front.


IPG provides everything from small speaker systems to the latest Line Array speaker technology. We believe that matching the correct speaker system for the room is critical in audio. We consider the size of the audience area, the shape of the room, construction materials used on floors and walls, and obstacles such as ceiling alcoves.


IPG has audio mixers to handle everything from a single podium mic to a full band. We provide a variety of digital audio mixers for both Front of House mixes and Monitor Mixes.


No matter what is happening on stage, IPG has the best microphones for the job. Weather its wireless lavaliere or headset mics for presenters, wireless handhelds for performers, instrument mics and choir mics, or just a simple podium mic. We can also play back a variety of digital audio files and sources.


People on the stage need to hear as well as those in the audience. We provide stage monitoring for every situation, both with speakers and in ear monitors. For larger events with a lot of stage activity IPG can also provide an audio engineer specifically for stage monitors and audio needs.


Music groups often need back line equipment provided on site such as drum sets, guitar amps, keyboards, etc. IPG can handle all your needs when it comes to taking care of your musicians.


IPG can provide you with recordings of your event from a simple MP3 recording of the program up to multi-track recording for post-production.