Video Services


At IPG we make sure that what you SEE looks great. How do we do that? We come prepared! Our video systems are pre-wired with all the necessary equipment, accessories, and cabling to properly capture and display stunning images. But most importantly, our video staff understands video. Details such as stage lighting for cameras, color balance, video processing, and proper alignment of projectors are given the highest levels of attention.


Switching is more than just getting an image onto a screen. Switching means routing and layering images from cameras, title graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, video playback, logos, and more. Images can be routed to screens, recorders, streaming devices, and more. IPG has the switching systems to handle simple to complex events.


Multi-Camera Systems and Large Screen Displays ensure that the entire audience, no matter how big or small, can see what’s happening on stage. Multiple cameras can also provide your audience the opportunity to see what they cannot otherwise see, even if close to the stage. Everything from keynote presentations to music groups and entertainment can be brought to life and made more interesting through the use of video cameras.


IPG offers a variety of playback and recording formats. Our systems are designed so that video and audio playback are easily integrated, and that your presentation, graphics and all, can easily be recorded onto a format that’s right for you.

Ever watch a video where you can’t hear the audience clapping, laughing, or interacting with a performance or presentation? We provide microphones to pick up audience interaction so that the audio on your video recording sounds more natural.


Computer graphics and presentations are easily integrated into our video systems. IPG offers a variety of graphics solutions, including blended-image and multi-image display. We can provide computers with the latest hardware and software, or you can bring your own. IPG can also provide talented graphics operators.


Streaming your live event over the internet is reliable and affordable. IPG Provides all the necessary equipment and experience to stream your event to large and small audiences.


What’s on screen before the show starts and after it ends? IPG can integrate logos, announcement slides, and graphics to put on screen to set the mood for the event.

Want song lyrics for worship? Lyrics can be superimposed or “keyed” over live video so that your audience can see what’s happening on stage AND song lyrics at the same time.